Meet the culinary artist
behind the kitchen.

Chef Antonio

Born in Venezuela, Chef Antonio’s passion for cuisine began at an early age. After pursuing his degree in culinary arts, he decided to embark on a journey that would land him in the United States at a place that he always dreamed of. His own restaurant, Avila bistro.


Learn the story behind Avila Bistro.

The name “Avila” (Eagle) comes from an iconic mountain in Caracas, Venezuela. Known as the “protector” of the capital and one of the most memorable views of the city, is a symbolic and nostalgic reminder of Chef Antonio’s root and culinary beginnings.


Our signature flavors and dishes come from a versatile fusion between Venezuelan cuisine and International Gastronomy. Highlighting multi-cultural flavors that are unique to their origins but when combined create a culinary masterpiece for Our customers to enjoy.

Our approach is very simple. Fresh ingredients are always a priority. Our love for Gastronomy, Our family-friendly environment, and Our hard working mentality, allows us to strive and share with Our customers Our roots and traditions, served on a plate.